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AtomicWorkers® provides advisory and claims management services for current and former nuclear workers, or surviving family members, under the Federal Energy Employee Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA) of 2000, Public Law 106-398. Advisory services include publication of relevant materials of common interest via web site, public speaking engagements, and technical and EEOICPA interpretative support for complementary organizations also engaged in EEOICPA. Claims Management services includes, but are not limited to, providing individual guidance on eligibility and planning for new claims, review and assessment of previously denied claims, and more broadly, strategic planning for maximizing worker and family benefits throughout the claims process.

In an official capacity, AtomicWorkers acts as the EEOICPA designated “Authorized Representative”, with the legal authority to submit claims, claim evidence, communicate directly with EEOICPA staff on claimant’s behalf, and is required to operate in the claimant’s best interests, free of conflict of interest or commercial relationship, from all 3rd parties, such as home care providers, worker screening programs, volunteer organizations and/or related government agencies. Individuals who are employed by home care providers, worker screening programs, volunteer organizations and/or EEOICPA related government agencies, are prohibited by EEOICPA from acting as an “Authorized Representative” for individual claimants due to the potential for a conflict of interest.

New Claims

Assessment of claimant (individual) eligibility based on work history, suitability of medical condition(s) to be claimed based on potential for causation by radiation or chemical exposure in the workplace, and alignment with EEOICPA public policy and internal guidelines.

Identification of necessary individual employment evidence, appropriate medical records and required legal documents.

Management of claim(s) through timely submission of documentation, coordination with Federal agencies and ongoing communications with claimant as to expectations and status.

Leadership and oversight of claim process from initiation through to completion of each claim, with following on counsel and advisory for continuation of receipt of benefits and planning for future claim(s).

Prior Denial Claims

Assessment of denied claims, with review of key facts (claimant eligibility, suitability of claimed medical conditions, appropriateness of medical records provided), and actions taken in prior claim(s). 

Provide feedback/counseling on prior claim(s) via telephone or email, consulting/explanation as to rationale for denial under EEOICPA rules and guidelines.

Strategic recommendation for potential corrective actions to secure benefits.

Add Conditions – New Claims or Consequential Conditions

Identification of need to expand benefits coverage through the addition of significant new conditions.

Evaluation of side effects or secondary medical conditions which could be consequential to a primary condition, or caused by surgery, treatment (therapy or medication) which led to additional medical issues. 

Assessment of causal links and establishing a “chain of causation” from a primary condition to secondary conditions, including prioritizing based on need and value, requires planning, communication and cooperation/requests from medical providers.

Impairment Claims

Preparation of appropriate medical documentation for approved medical condition(s).

Explanation of the Impairment rating process and potential for compensation associated with approved medical condition(s).

Submission and ongoing management of claim process through to completion and payout of claim.

Communication with and recommendation for Board Certified and reputable Impairment Specialist.

Wage Loss Claims

Assessment of worker eligibility for wage loss claims and counsel on potential value.

Identification of required documentation to pursue a wage loss claim.

Submission and ongoing management of claim process through to completion and payout of claim.



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ATOMICWORKERS.COM LLC (Colorado Limited Liability Corporation)

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Int. Cl.: 36 Class 36: Financial claims administration in the field of workers compensation and medical benefits, namely, assisting others in submitting and processing legal claims for financial compensation for work-place related illnesses and occupational illness.

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